Learning Design: Concept Rendering

“Do not seek praise, seek criticism.”

-Paul Arden

Left: 1st Attempt at rendering this product / Right: About 10th attempt at rendering

There is nothing quite satisfying as completing a project! My journey with sketching and rendering has been fun, and equally frustrating. But through so many online tutorials and harsh Reddit (r/IndustrialDesign) criticism, I’ve progressed faster at this set of skills than I ever have at anything else.

Hence this post’s quote up top. Seeking criticism, no matter how harsh is truly a difference maker. This rendering isn’t perfect; the glass could be smoother, the staging and photography of the products could be much more engaging and communicative. But it is complete!

Inspiration for my Blender render

This design is a trend I’ve noticed on Pinterest, and served as good rendering practice. The next set of products I render will be an original design.

Learn with me.

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