Creator Bio

I’m Lex. Deeply southern, but swinging between the concrete Northeast and the techie Bay Area. I spend my days: thrifting, listening to hip-hop, cycling, and searching for the blackest and/or gayest content television has to offer.

What Is Cotton Gin & Juice?

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Black Culture is where our glow and vibrancy intersects with the graveness of the reality in which it was built. It’s the rickety doom of the Cotton Gin, but also the smooth melody of Gin & Juice.

Cotton Gin & Juice will feature album reviews, queer style, and free thoughts on everything around me. All content here is produced unbound by binary because truly, I am both Real Housewives and TED Talks, Gucci Mane and Theo Croker, Butch and Femme, Waffle House and *Fogo de Chão, contrast and unison…That’s Cotton Gin & Juice.



*Okay, maybe I’m not Fogo de Chão.

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