20sec Storytelling: Social Media Videos

Each week after recording and releasing The New Chitlin Circuit, we’re still tasked with promoting that content. This requires finding the right 20 seconds out of nearly an hour long review.

Audiograms are commonplace for podcast promotion, but in truth, when is the last time you actually listened to a full audiogram? Or shared one on your own feed?

So a visual component is needed. Luckily for The New Chitlin Circuit, the topic of our content is inherently visual: movies. And with our mission to uplift and engage Black indie filmmakers, what better way to do so than using the promotional trailers from the Black indies we cover?

My challenge each week is to find an engaging <20sec sound bite, and pair it with an interesting edit of the film’s trailer. The challenge keeps me busy, but it is quite rewarding to see a video contribute to a spike in listenership or spark a discussion online.

Lessons Learned in Video Editing for Social Media

  1. Always create content with a goal and target viewer in mind.
  2. Captions, always.
    • For Twitter: Larger captions, placed higher in frame work best.
  3. Keep it simple. Make one point with each video. One thing the viewer is supposed to remember.
  4. Square (1×1) sizing is optimal for most platforms, but best for Instagram.

Above: Social media video to promote The New Chitlin Circuit’s review of “Back to the Goode Life”

Right: Social media video to promote The New Chitlin Circuit’s review of “Angrily Ever After”

More Videos

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