Learning Design: Finish the Sketch

Left: Concept sketches I only spent 15min on. Right: 3D model of the concept, I’ve spent 2 weeks on.

Like many creatives, I am easily excited by shiny, new toys. I came up a bright wine glass design to solve a common problem. So I quickly sketched a few concepts, none of them quite capturing the vision.

I then skipped every other step in the design process, and jumped straight to modeling a prototype. I began learning Blender, a 3D modeling software. I made about a dozen unsatisfactory models. I got hung up on small kinks and learning to navigate the software.

But the actual reason none of the models rendered the way I wanted them to is because my vision wasn’t clear. And I should have stuck to my pen/paper until the sketches accurately captured my vision.

The entire effort wasn’t a waste, however. I did learn the basics of modeling and rendering photo-realistic designs in Blender. I’ll just be sure to flush out my design before attempting to prototype.

Learn with me.

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