Always a Bridesmaid on The New Chitlin Circuit (Episode 4)

This week Syd & Lex reviewed rom-com, ‘Always a Bridesmaid’, written by Yvette Nicole Brown and directed by Trey Haley. Brown is known for her acting roles in television shows like Community and Drake & Josh. But she shows her chops as a film writer in the charming romance flick.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride?

Episode 4 of The New Chitlin Circuit, reviewing Always a Bridesmaid

Syd & Lex share their thoughts on modern romance and the anxiety to wed experienced by just about every 29-year-old, successful Romance protagonist. Lex is tired of hetero romances, but also cannot seem to stop watching them.

Syd’s Who Came to Ack Nominee of the Week:

Exclusive: Actress Yvette Nicole Brown Talks About Her ...
Jordan Calloway, as Mark Randall.

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Note from Lex: Syd and I are both quarantined in separate cities (DC and NY, respectively.) So we’re unable to record in the studio for a while. Bear with us while we perfect our remote recording.

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