You Can Turn Any Piece of Wood into a Cutting Board

My favorite thing about visiting small towns is shopping at the local thrift stores. So I made sure to drop by the secondhand shops on my trip to Easton, Maryland. As I sifted through the aisles, I spotted a pile of wood going for $10 a piece. They were rough cut, red cedar pieces. The smell of the red centers was so delightful. And at such a low price, I bought a piece figuring I could make something out of it.

Similar to the antique cutting board I restored, I decided to simply sand and wax the cedar peices. The finished product was much more beautiful than I expected.

Make a cutting board cedar
The raw cedar, from the thrift shop.

The Tools

1 piece solid wood

Medium grit sanding block

Fine grit sanding block

Cutting Board Oil or food grade mineral oil

Cutting Board Conditioner

Cloth, for cleaning and buffing

My cedar board, after sanding (step 1) and before conditioning (step 2.)

The Process

  1. Begin sanding one side of the wood with the medium grit sanding block until it is mostly smooth. The medium grit block should smooth out any major bumps and irregularities. Then sand the same side of wood with the fine grit. The fine grit block should leave the wood smooth to the touch–smototh enough for you to enjoy running your hand across the wood’s surface. Be sure to remove all dust from the wood when it accumulates. Check out this guide for how to properly sand wood.
  2. Once the surface is smooth, then apply your Cutting Board Conditioner, following the label instructions. You may need to apply the conditioner 2-3 times.
  3. Optional. Apply a layer of Cutting Board Oil according to label instructions.

The Result

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