Restoring: 1950s Dansk Cutting Board

In my favorite antique shop, I discovered a worn cutting board by Dansk. It had heavy knife stress marks and cracks. But the moment I saw it, I was determined to restore and serve the best charcuterie spread right on it. I spent a Saturday sanding, oiling, and buffing the piece until it began to shine like it was brand new.

Before and After

The Board

After buying it for only $5 at the antique store, I was pleased to discover that the exact model of cutting board is listed for over $350 online! All the more reason to treasure this beautiful piece.

The Process

Of course, I gave the board a thorough cleaning with dish soap. I let it dry completely, then I sanded the board with a medium grit sanding sponge. After sanding, I wiped the board clear of any dust with a tack cloth. All there was left to do was use the Howard Butcher Block Conditioner and Cutting Board Oil. I applied a few layers of the Cutting Board Oil every few hours for extra conditioning. See photos from my Dansk Cutting Board’s journey back to beauty.

how to clean antique wood cutting board Lex Handy Chef

It’s crucial to thoroughly clean a wooden cutting board because the surface is porous and can hold on to bacteria and residue from prior use.

Sand Dansk wood cutting board. antique Jens Quistgaard
Lex, sanding the cutting board.

I gave the cutting board a gentle sanding; just enough so that the wood would soak up as much of the oil and wax as possible.

Apply Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. Howard Cutting Board Oil. Lex Handy Chef.
Applying the Board Oil.

Be sure only to use food grade wood conditioner! I used the Howard brand Butcher Block Conditioner, followed by the Cutting Board Oil from the same brand. You can buy those products at most hardware stores, for about $10 each.

The Final Product

Have you ever brought something old back to life?

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